Proposed New Tetbury GP Premises

Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to thank the Residents of Tetbury for their feedback to a proposed new surgery in the town. The views have been taken on board and they will all be included for consideration in the business case to the NHS. We have listed the most frequently asked questions below.

Why can the surgery not remain at the current location?

The lease lapsed in July 2021. The landlords have generously granted us a new lease but have the option to terminate it from January 2025. The premises have been assessed as 30% too small for the current practice population by the Clinical Commissioning Group and are not seen as a viable long-term solution for Primary Care in the Town.

Why has this issue not been resolved before?

The Phoenix Health Group began a search for land for new Premises on merging with Romney House Surgery in 2017. We employed a team that specialises in finding, designing and building new surgeries. An appraisal of potential sites in the town was made and we proposed that the land adjacent to Tetbury Hospital looked the most suitable. Unfortunately, after a period spent on this site the landowner decided not to sell. An announcement was made in the Tetbury Advertiser and on the Surgery website and we were approached by several landowners. The Cirencester Road site looks the most viable and we have reached a stage where we can share the proposal with the Town.

Why is the location out of town and why are houses being built?

For the NHS to approve the build, the cost must be acceptable to the NHS. A business case including the cost of the build is presented to the NHS and a decision is made on whether the project can proceed. To meet the NHS financial requirements and due to the increase in build costs in the past year, we need to acquire the land for a peppercorn amount.

Within the town boundary, planning permission is more straight forward for housing developers, and we cannot compete with what they will pay for land. We can therefore not build centrally unless the land is gifted to us. The District Council does not have any land they can give us.

Outside of the town boundary, planning permission is difficult for developers and they are unlikely to be given permission to build houses alone. Inclusion of a facility that benefits the town such as a GP Surgery can help an application and in return, they provide the land at a discounted price. 26 houses are proposed alongside the surgery.

Why is the proposed site not a brownfield site?

The brownfield sites are within the town boundary and are therefore unaffordable.

What housing is being built?

The Developers are called Stonewood. They will present their plans in the planning application to Cotswold District Council.

Have other sites been considered?

Around 19 other sites have been considered. They have been deemed unviable due to either planning constraints, cost, poor access or the landowner being unwilling to sell. The sites will be included in a Sequential Test in the planning application to Cotswold District Council.

As the site is out of town, will transport and access be taken into consideration?

Yes. There would need to be significant consideration taken with regards bus links, footpaths and potential shuttle buses. The proposed plans have 56 car parking spaces whereas the existing premises have 10 marked spaces and 2 disabled spaces.

Will the new surgery impact Tetbury Hospital?

We know how important the Hospital is to the town and do not wish to take any services away from the Hospital. We hope to compliment what the Hospital offers and improve healthcare in the area.

What is the process from here?

In the next few months, the business case will be presented to the NHS and a planning application will be made to Cotswold District Council. If approved, the design team would aim to have the surgery built within the following two years.

What happens if the proposed surgery does not happen?

We are not sure. There are other sites in the town that appear to be unaffordable and therefore the cost would be beyond what would be considered value for money for the NHS. We would need to work with the Clinical Commissioning Group to try and find a solution. Meetings have taken place to discuss such an outcome however we do not currently believe there is an alternative option that is satisfactory for our Patients.