Patient Update: Phoenix Tetbury

The lease on our current premises at Phoenix Tetbury comes to an end in July 2021. We recognise that we have outgrown our current building, and car parking in particular is very limited. For the past few years we have been trying to find land for a purpose built new medical centre.

The land within the town boundary is too expensive for the NHS and we cannot compete with residential prices. Therefore, we have been searching around the town boundary but this brings its own planning restrictions, particularly as Tetbury is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

We have identified a site on Cirencester Road and are in discussions with the Planning Department at Cotswold District Council. Eleven sites have been considered but have been discounted due to financial or planning constraints. The existing Landlords have very generously agreed to extend our lease in the short term whilst we try to find somewhere and the Clinical Commissioning Group is supporting us.

We are concerned that the NHS structure is due to change next year and the current NHS support is not guaranteed in the long term. We will continue to do our absolute best to build the GP surgery that Tetbury requires.