Change of List to Patients

During the last year the Partners at Phoenix Health Group have been working hard to try and deliver a personalised service to our patients. We believe it is important that you should know your GP and the feedback from our patients is that they agree.

In a time when care across the NHS has become increasingly fragmented and GPs are in high demand and less likely to stay in one town for their whole career this has not been easy. With a high turnover of staff GPs this year we have not been able to provide the continuity we would wish for some patients.

The Partners continue to feel strongly that a named GP system is the best way to provide general practice and have decided to make some changes to try and strengthen our system.

From Monday the 19th of November we will be reducing the number of lists at Tetbury from four to three, patients from the list currently provided by Dr Sewell and Dr Sethi will be split between the other three lists which will be led by:

  • Dr Angus McMyn
  • Dr James Woodward
  • Dr Sarah Cardew with Dr Emma McMyn – (Until Dr Cardew returns from Maternity leave in April 2019 this list will continue to be supported by Dr McInerney, Dr Currie and Dr Sethi.)

Dr Sethi will continue to work in Tetbury although he will be around less now that a stable team in Tetbury has been established.

If you were previously registered with either Dr Sewell or Dr Sethi then please ask reception who your new registered doctor is. We have taken every care to ensure that people are allocated fairly and to take into consideration any circumstances of which we are aware but this has been a major undertaking and if you are not happy with your allocation please do ask reception for a change of Dr form and we will do our best to support your preference.

Under this new system each Dr will be responsible for a larger list of patients – and we intend to strengthen the support they have to provide the right care for you. We need your help with this. It may be that your problem can be solved by a member of the practice team who is not a Doctor. For example our Advanced Nurse Practitioner Wendy Hadfield can deal with a wide range of medical issues. Our highly trained nurses take the lead on the management of long term conditions such as Diabetes, Asthma and high blood pressure.

Appointments with physiotherapy and podiatry can be requested directly via our website and many administrative issues can be dealt with directly via the website also ( This may involve sharing more information with reception than you are used to, but rest assured, your confidentiality will be maintained by all members of the team.