Indigo – Young Persons Service

This service is open to all young people whether they are registered as patients at the Phoenix surgery or not. It is run by Nurse Lynn, one of our experienced nurses, supported by Dr Vernon.

Anyone aged 13 years and over can be seen for confidential health and lifestyle advice. This means that we will not disclose any information about you or any other young person without your permission. However, if you are under 16 years and are at risk of being harmed we have a duty to protect you. This may involve sharing information with other key people after discussion with you.

We currently hold a drop-in session at the Phoenix Surgery on Thursdays between 3.30-5pm. No appointment is necessary but they are available on request.

We are also happy to see any young person outside drop-in times in an emergency.

We offer:

    • emotional wellbeing advice for anxiety, self harm, low mood, anger management, eating problems and family problems
    • lifestyle advice including general health concerns, smoking, drugs and alcohol
    • Screening and treatment for chlamydia and other sexually transmitted infections
    • All forms of contraception including the pill, injection, implants and coils
    • Pregnancy testing
    • Termination of pregnancy counselling and referral
    • Free condoms
    • HIV testing

Indigo confidentiality cards advertising our link to our Indigoyps Facebook site, which promotes local health support services for young people are available from reception, your GP and in the waiting room or can log in directly.

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